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Simple Tips for Taking Care of Your Home Spa

Spa with its lid off sits on a deck next to pool cleaning net and pool cover at a home in Sydney

Looking after your spa just takes a little time every few days and keeps it clean and hygienic for the whole family to enjoy. Maintaining a spa is a lot like maintaining a pool, only easier because you can drain and refill it whenever you like! 

What to Consider When Building a Pool

An outdoor pool and spa in the garden of a large luxury Sydney home

A pool is an entertainment space for all the family, an asset when selling your home and a stunning centrepiece for your garden. So now you’ve decided to build one, how do you go about it? We’ve put together this helpful guide so you know what to think about when you start building your pool.

Pool Water Testing Made Simple

Water testing equipment next to a pool

Testing your pool water can feel like a chore when you’re not used to it but once you’ve got your system and chemicals set up, it should only take a few minutes. Your pool water should be tested at least once a week, and more often over the summer months when it’s in heavy usage. Making sure your pool water is chemically balanced means there’s no risk to the health of swimmers, the water stays beautiful and clear and the pool and equipment will need less maintenance.

Importance of Maintaining PH Balance in your Pool

A man holds a water testing strip next to a colouredful ph level indicator chart to test pool water

Maintaining proper balance in your pool keeps the water hygienic and your pool parts in good condition. As a pool owner, your pool cleaner, filtration system, chlorinator and added chemicals should work in harmony to maintain perfect, crystal-clear water at all times. Below, we list some of the key reasons why achieving this balance is so important. 

Choosing the right Pool Cleaner for you and your pool

a plastic swimming pool cleaner rests at the edge of a pool with a hose running out of shot

When it comes to choosing a pool cleaner, it’s worth investing in the right model for your pool as these small machines can cover 1000km a year, working for hours through summer heat and winter chills. A good pool cleaner will protect the health of your pool and reduce the need for repairs over time, as well as keeping your pool looking great without using up too much of your time. Continue reading to find out more about the different types of pool cleaners stocked by Maple Pools.

5 Tips to keep your dog safe in and around the pool

Dog on paddleboard

If you love your pups as much as the team at Maple Pools do, you probably love sharing family swims with them as well. In fact, when the weather heats up, our fur-babies have a habit of joining us in the pool without us even having to call them in! But there are a few steps we take to keep our dogs safe in the pool. Here are five tips to consider before, during and after your dog’s swim.

How to clean a green pool

Green pool frog

We all love swimming in our pool, especially when it’s hot, but cleaning it can be a hassle! If you’ve left it a little too long, your pool may be turning green. With the right chemicals though, you can go from green to clean with a few easy steps. So, what exactly do you need to do to make your pool sparkle again?



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