Why Choose Maple Pools for Your Swimming Pool Parts?

Cleaning pump working with a swimming pool

Installing a pool or spa is a big investment, but it's one that comes with big benefits such as family fun, staying in shape, and keeping your kids and your guests entertained for hours. However, with big benefits comes big responsibility. You need to keep your pool clean and well-maintained, which is much easier with modern technology, and you need to deal with any problems as they arise.

Maintain Your Pool This Winter with Lo-Chlor Winteriser

Chemical cleaning products for pool water

What should you do with your pool in winter when the family has lost interest? Well, just like you and your family prepare for winter, so should your pool. You winterise your pool during its off season.

Home Spa Accessories

Service and maintenance

What could be more relaxing than soaking in your own spa at the end of a long day or spending quality time with loved ones?

Installing a spa adds value to your home and to your life, and you'd think that experience would be enough, but now you can add exciting and functional accessories to home spa.

Pool Lights for Your Swimming Pool Design

Pool lighting in backyard at night

Pool lights can turn your pool and your garden into a spectacular night-time wonderland, creating atmosphere and giving your pool or spa that wow factor.

You can choose from a choice of styles and colours, and there's even a multi-colour option that's programmable for your own stunning pool light show.

Zodiac Self Cleaning Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinator

Swimming pool service and equipment with chemical cleaning products

Salt chlorination is quickly surpassing the standard chlorine system of keeping your pool water clean and sanitised. Invented in Australia, the salt water chlorinator actually produces the chlorine so you'll never have to carry large containers or bags of chlorine home and handle it again.

Introducing the Revolution Robot Pool Cleaner

A man holds a water testing strip next to a colourful ph level indicator chart to test pool water

There's really only one disadvantage to owning a pool and that's the hours of work involved in keeping it clean and safe to swim in. All your pool cleaning troubles will be over once you experience the Revolution Robot.

Available in three different models, these exceptional pool cleaners have revolutionised pool cleaning. Not only will you save time and energy on cleaning your pool, but you?ll also save money, use less chemicals and waste less water.