Choosing the Right Pool Cleaner for you

a plastic swimming pool cleaner rests at the edge of a pool with a hose running out of shot

When it comes to choosing a pool cleaner, it's worth investing in the right model for your pool as these small machines can cover 1000km a year, working for hours through summer heat and winter chills. A good pool cleaner will protect the health of your pool and reduce the need for repairs over time, as well as keeping your pool looking great without using up too much of your time. Continue reading to find out more about the different types of pool cleaners stocked by Maple Pools.

Suction Swimming Pool Cleaners

Suction cleaners use the force created by your filtration system to suck up leaves and debris. The suction hose attaches to your skimmer box and the cleaning unit moves around the pool to cover the whole surface. Inertia-driven suction cleaners cover your pool floor in a random pattern and are great for pools with curved walls rather than sharp corners.

The second variety is a geared suction cleaner which moves in a predetermined pattern to get the job done much faster. These are best for pools with tight corners and steps. Both of these types of cleaner are affordable and easy to install.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

A robotic pool cleaner is the most expensive but convenient option. This type of cleaning system is great for large pools as they quickly clean every surface of your pool without you having to lift a finger! They run on electricity so you'll need to get a safe outdoor power point installed but once a robotic pool cleaner is set up it will use less power overall than other cleaners and the thorough clean means you can use fewer chemicals to maintain a healthy pool.

Pressure Pool Cleaners

Pressure cleaners are more powerful than suction cleaners so you'll get a faster and more thorough clean but at a higher price. It's best to choose a model that runs off an additional booster pump installed into the wall of your pool as those that connect directly to your existing pool pump can put a serious strain on the filtration system. The main advantage of pressure cleaners over suction cleaners is that they can clean the hard-to-reach corners and steps and will pick up everything in their path from rocks to fine sand.

Other Considerations when Buying a Pool Cleaner Online

One key feature that you should take into account is the length of the hose you don't want to get your brand new pool cleaner home and then find out that it can't quite reach the far end of the pool! There are some models available that can be used while the pool cover is on which means added convenience in the winter months. Talk to the experts at Maple Pools to work out what features are important to ensure the best quality results for your pool.

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