Saltigem SG Series Saltwater and Mineral Chlorinator 30g

Saltigem SG Series Saltwater and Mineral Chlorinator 30g

Davey ChloroMatic MCS36C - Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinator

Combine the feel of natural, clean, sparking pool water with automated pool chlorination

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Suitable for use with all available pool salts, including mineral salts containing Magnesium and Potassium
Maximises the value and enjoyment of your pool
Eziset digital timer for quick and simple set-up with large, easy to read digital display and LED indicators
Models available with reverse polarity electrolytic cells for low maintenance
Large surface area of cell plates for high rate chlorine production
High flow rate cell design for rapid pool turnover
Made with corrosion resistant, UV stabilised materials for long service life
Winter mode setting to reduce sanitiser output during the colder months, saves energy and protects equipment
'Low salt', 'no flow' indicators and overload protection
Flow detector stops electrolysis if no flow is present, preventing dangerous gas build-up
Pump 'cut out' protects the pump when no water detected (on reverse polarity models)
Light transformer available (on some models)
Operating salt level: 4,500-6,000ppm
This MCS36C chlorinator does 36 grams per hour and in our opinion as a guide will do a pool up to 100,000 litres in cool climates, 75,000 in temperate climates and 55,000 litres in hot climates.
Optional pH pump and control models available
3 Year Warranty

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