Enhance Your Home Spa Experience with These Accessories

Service and maintenance

What could be more relaxing than soaking in your own spa at the end of a long day or spending quality time with loved ones.

Installing a spa adds value to your home and to your life, and you'd think that experience would be enough, but now you can add exciting and functional accessories to home spa.

Maple Pools stocks a range of spa accessories so you can enjoy even more fun and relaxation and maximise your use of your spa investment.

Accessories for Spa Maintenance

When you own a home spa, you must keep it well maintained and clean for health and safety reasons. Maple Pools can advise you on regular spa maintenance, and we stock a range of accessories such as cordless vacuums and cleaning products to help you.

The Fun Spa Accessories

If you're going to luxuriate in the comfort of your own spa, you might as well go all in and add some fun accessories to enhance the experience.

The Spa Smart Bar with Drawer

Relaxing in the spa just wouldn't seem right without a drink in your hand, but where do you put it when you're tired of holding it or the glass is empty.

You could climb out of the spa, but that would be inconvenient and maybe even dangerous with a glass in your hand. What you need is an easy to install, permanent or removable bar.

The Spa Smart Bar provides a slip-resistant surface and a drawer for security. You can place your drinks, your phone, or anything else you want to keep handy and within easy reach.

At 991mm long x 256mm wide, the Spa Smart Bar with Drawer can be quickly and easily installed with two mounting brackets.

The Spa Caddy

For even more versatility there?s the Spa Caddy, which features a reinforced resin polymer tray mounted on an aluminium post that swings towards or away from you for convenience.

You can use it to put your food and drinks on, phone, reading material, or anything else you need within reach.

The Spa Caddy is 685mm long x 482mm wide and can be easily mounted on almost any spa using the eight screws provided.

The Spazazz Elixir Sample Pack

Spas are great for just sitting and de-stressing, so make your rejuvenation time even better with The Spazazz Elixir Sample Pack.

Just add it to your spa water for a divine smell, improved skin hydration and softer water.

The sample pack consists of 5x71ml bottles, so you can try each variety and choose your favourites. This anti-inflammatory stress reliever is made from all natural ingredients, is oil-free and won't affect the water chemistry of your spa.

The Experts in Spas Equipment and Accessories

With over 25 years of experience you can trust Maple Pools to advise you on all your spa equipment and accessories, as well as offer general advice on maintenance.

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