Simple Tips for Taking Care of Your Home Spa

a spa with its lid off sits on a deck next to pool cleaning net and pool cover

Looking after your spa just takes a little time every few days and keeps it clean and hygienic for the whole family to enjoy. Maintaining a spa is a lot like maintaining a pool, only easier because you can drain and refill it whenever you like!

Spa Chemicals and Water Testing

The most important part of spa maintenance is balancing the chemical makeup of your spa water. You'll need to use a spa testing kit in a regular basis to test the balance of your water and add chlorine and other chemicals accordingly. Testing your spa water can be done by dipping dry testing strips into a water sample or by adding chemicals into a sample. Both methods are fairly accurate and will help you to keep your spa hygienic and safe for use.

Cleaning Your Spa Filter

The filter unit for your spa is likely to be located inside, underneath the skimmer basket or outside, underneath the spa. Take the filter out and spray it down with your garden hose, making sure to get in between every pleat in order to remove all debris. Soak your filter in a spa filter cleaning solution or TSP solution for an hour, then rinse and replace. You should clean your filter in this way every 1-2 months depending on how frequently you use your spa, and then replace the filter entirely every 1-2 years.

Cleaning the Spa Unit

Cleaning your spa is a lot easier and quicker than it sounds. Every 2-4 months (depending on how often you use it), you simply drain all the water out of the spa, give it a scrub and refill it. This job is made much easier with the use of a spa vacuum which can suck up any remaining water as well as debris left in the bottom of your spa. Clean the surfaces using a sponge and water, but don?t use any household cleaning products as these can mess with the chemical balance when you refill the pool. If you need a cleaning product, you can buy a specialist spa cleaner.

Airing Your Spa Cover

This is something that many spa owners overlook but it makes a real difference to the health of your spa. Your spa cover spends the majority of its time in heat and moisture which is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria as well as making its components deteriorate faster. Give your cover a few hours of breathing time every few days so that it can dry out and cool down a little. The vinyl cover will also benefit from cleaning with a spa cover cleaning product and cover conditioner.

Topping Up Spa Water

In between refills, it's important to make sure that your water stays at the right level. Too little water and your skimmer can be exposed to air, causing damage to the pump over time and too much water can cause messy overflows and an imbalance of chemicals. The easiest way to maintain the proper water level in your home spa is to keep a garden hose close by so you can top it up with every use.

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