Importance of Pool Balance

A man holds a water testing strip next to a colourful ph level indicator chart to test pool water

Maintaining proper balance in your pool keeps the water hygienic and your pool parts in good condition. As a pool owner, your pool cleaner, filtration system, chlorinator and added chemicals should work in harmony to maintain perfect, crystal-clear water at all times. Below, we list some of the key reasons why achieving this balance is so important.

Your Chemicals Work in Harmony

You'll regularly need to add different chemicals to your pool in order to balance the pH, chlorine levels, total alkalinity, calcium and more. If any of these is unchecked and falls out of balance, this can have a knock-on effect on the levels of the other chemicals and your pool as a whole becomes more difficult to maintain. For example, if your pH level drops too low and your water is too acidic, it will begin to process the sanitising products faster and you'll need to use more in order to achieve the same results.

Keep Your Pool Looking Good

Your pool is an area for relaxation and entertaining family and friends, but no-one wants to swim in murky-looking water! Maintaining chemical balance in your home swimming pool will make sure it remains the exciting focal point of your garden. Pools can become cloudy when the water contains high levels of calcium or when a lack of chlorine allows bacteria and algae to grow in the water.

Protect Your Pool and Components

Your pool surfaces, equipment and components can be damaged by poor water balance. Low pH causes water to be acidic which can cause corrosion to vinyl, concrete or PVC, leaving you to deal with the costs of repairs and replacement parts. Pool equipment can also suffer from scaling if calcium levels are allowed to rise or pH becomes too high. Scaling in your pool's heater makes it less energy efficient and more expensive to run, and liners and pipes get covered in an unpleasant film.

Look After Your Family and Friends

If someone gets sick after using your pool, this is known as recreational water illness. Regularly adding chlorine to your pool kills bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli as well as many viruses, keeping your pool users healthy. The pH of your pool also affects swimmer comfort as levels which are too high or too low can cause irritation to the eyes and rashes on the skin.

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