Introducing the Revolution Robot Pool Cleaner

Robot for Pool

There's really only one disadvantage to owning a pool and that?s the hours of work involved in keeping it clean and safe to swim in. All your pool cleaning troubles will be over once you experience the Revolution Robot.

Available in three different models, these exceptional pool cleaners have revolutionised pool cleaning. Not only will you save time and energy on cleaning your pool, but you'll also save money, use less chemicals and waste less water.

This intelligent, robotic pool cleaner is the most efficient way to clean your pool, using a navigation system with scanning software that covers all areas of your pool and delivers outstanding results.

Initial setup is easy and every model has a swivel cable to prevent tangling as the pool cleaner moves around the pool. The internal filtration system is simple to remove, clean and replace when necessary.

Revolution I

The Revolution I is lightweight, easy to use and suitable for cleaning the floor and alcoves of a 10mx3m pool. It brushes, scrubs, and vacuums, delivering a thorough clean in three hours and requires little maintenance, besides cleaning the internal cartridge filtration. No pre-installation or connection to the existing pool system is required, and it has an escape mode so it won't get stuck in awkward areas or corners.

Revolution II

Revolution II cleans the floor, alcoves, walls and waterline of pools up to 12 mx3m. It comes with a PVC brush for rough, concrete pool surfaces, or a Wonder Brush for smooth tiled or fibreglass pool surfaces. It'll have your pool sparkling clean and ready to use in just 2.5 hours, and it also has an escape mode so it won't get stuck. Revolution II uses a large capacity filter bag for leaves and fine debris.

Revolution III

Revolution III is a programmable powerhouse that takes pool cleaning to the next level with a remote control for navigation and programming, and a filter full indicator. With three cleaning cycles, it can clean the floor, alcoves, walls and waterline of pools up to 12 metres in any style or shape. Revolution III has a delayed start and weekly timer so you can set it and take all the work out of keeping your pool clean and healthy.

The Ultimate in Pool Cleaning Technology

All Revolution Robot Pool Cleaners have motor overload protection, escape mode, and optional storage caddy, except the Revolution III which comes with the caddy as standard, and a two-year warranty.

Maple Pools can advise you on which clever and stylish Revolution Robot model is best for your needs. We stock all three models and accessories at affordable prices so you can join the robot Revolution and have more time to enjoy your pool.

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