Pool Lights

Pool Lights

What is the Best Pool Light? 

Swimming pool lights enhance the safety and curb appeal of your pool. Lighting also makes it more enjoyable to use after the sun goes down. Finding the best pool light can be a challenge, however, as there are many different types and specifications out there.

There are two types of pool lights that we sell halogen, and LED. We recommend LED as the best type. LED pool lighting is highly energy-efficient, and it has a lifespan that can be ten times longer than that of halogens.

LED pool lights also produce a wide range of rich, vibrant, and multicoloured pool light options to add tons of visual interest to your pool.

What Voltage are Pool Lights?

A multicoloured pool light voltage can be either 32V, 24V, or 12V. Most pool lights are 12 volts AC.

When purchasing a replacement globe, make sure that its voltage and wattage is the same as the unit. If you insert a 12-volt globe into a 24 or 32-volt light, it will blow. If you place a 24- or 32-volt globe into a 12-volt light, it may be too dim to light your pool properly.

Are Pool Lights Safe? 

Pool lights are safe if they are installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Your pool light should also meet all relevant safety codes.

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