Lo-Chlor Blackspot 900 Algaecide 1kg

Lo-Chlor Blackspot 900 Algaecide 1kg

Lo-Chlor Shock and Swim 5kg Non - Chlorine

Non - Chlorine shock treatment for both Pools and Spas.

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Highly concentrated oxygen compound that reduces and eliminates combined chlorine levels in pools and spas.

We all know that pools and spas harbour all types of organic material. Bacteria, viruses, algae as well as other organic deposits from leaves, dust, dirt, body oils, fats, urine and other exudates all place a heavy load on sanitisers, leading to greatly increased chloramine levels (combined chlorines).

Because Lo-Chlor SHOCK "N" SWIM has the ability to oxidise protein and other organic material it actually breaks up organic matter. It reduces combined chlorine build ups and actually enhances the action of free chlorine in the pool or spa water.


- Use as a non-chlorine shock for pools, spas, hot tubs, ornamental ponds and fountains.
- Excellent OXIDISER for Ionised and Nature 2 Pools and Spas.
- Oxidises organic contaminants.
- Used regularly – potentiates sanitiser effect.
- Contains clarifying agent for sparkling clear water

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