Pool cleaners on special over Halloween

Halloween young witch holding a pumpkin with chains of lights and misty blue background

When you're choosing a pool cleaner on Halloween to clear out the spooks, you need to be thoughtful and, above all, look for a good deal. There's nothing quite like a pool haunted by the ghost of "I should have cleaned it out sooner".

This is one type of haunting that really won't go away unless you give it a bit of help. Ghosts and goblins are one thing, but a murky pool is a different ballgame. Now is the time to get the job done.

Choosing Your Pool Cleaner

Halloween, just before the Australian summer, is a really good time to go looking for a pool cleaner. Now is the time to give your pool a thorough spring clean, and possibly save some money on the equipment you choose at the same time.

When choosing a pool cleaner:

  • Start with the specials! Special offers are often very good deals, where you can get a brand-new pool cleaner for a great discount. That includes top brands which could be quite expensive otherwise.
  • Look for a name brand pool cleaner Well-known brands like Zodiac are a good place to start looking. If you're lucky, you can find an excellent deal as well as an excellent pool cleaner.
  • Check out the very latest models Some of these new pool cleaners really are fantastic and if your pool needs a bit of extra care, they may be exactly what you want. You'll be pleased to know that these new models aren't very expensive, either.
  • Take a little time to ask about your choice It's always worth talking to the experts because you can find out a tonne of information about which product is best for your pool and some tips to help with cleaning.
  • How about a robotic pool cleaner These robotic pool cleaners are fun to watch and very efficient. They are also a very good idea if you have a large pool and you do regular cleaning jobs.
  • Don't forget additional pool supplies This is another thing that haunts pool owners. You've got everything, but Perform a quick stock take of anything your pool might need. Do you need a new filter, pool pump, pool accessories, etc

Our Trick is Your Treat

At Maple Pools, the trick is to treat our customers to the very best deals we can. We can also help un-haunt your pool and provide you with all the additional pool products you need, too. Talk to our experts about your pool cleaning needs, and we'll find the perfect model for your pool.

Give us a call on (02) 9604 6644 or come in and see the full range at our showroom in Wetherill Park. Plenty of parking for your broomstick, and you can ask our experts for any help and advice you need in choosing your pool cleaner.