What to Consider When Building a Pool

an outdoor pool and spa in the garden of a large luxury home

A pool is an entertainment space for all the family, an asset when selling your home and a stunning centrepiece for your garden. So now you've decided to build one, how do you go about it? We've put together this helpful guide so you know what to think about when you start building your pool.

Get Creative with Pool Design

This is the fun part! The best way to start is by deciding roughly what size of pool your space can accommodate and use this as a base for design. The three main materials for building pools are concrete, vinyl-lining and fibreglass. Each of these works best for different shapes and budgets.

Your future pool could be rectangular, round or kidney-shaped with constant depth, a slope or steps. Consider who will be using the pool and for what purpose if it's primarily for family entertaining then you'll need to make sure there are plenty of shallow areas for kids, whereas a pool for exercise needs to be as long as possible for swimming lengths.

Check Planning Regulations

This aspect of pool building is less fun but equally important. Any in-ground pool must comply with your local building regulations which will dictate setback distances from your property, sewer lines, and other environmental factors, including fencing and access. Make sure to apply for your building permit as soon as you can so that waiting for approval doesn't hold up construction.

Choosing Your Pool Equipment

There will be plenty of things other than water inside your finished pool! Once you know the basic size and shape of your pool, it's time to choose additional equipment and essential components. You'll need a pump and filtration system to keep your pool clean and healthy at the very least, but there are a couple of extras you may want as well. A saltwater chlorinator will help to keep the water balanced and safe, and heating systems are a great way to keep your pool comfortable for swimming all year round.

At this stage, you can also plan your pool lighting and the placement of any jets and skimmers, so head down to your local pool equipment provider and check out your options.

Decide When to Build

Building your pool over autumn or winter can save you a considerable amount on construction costs as this is the off-peak time for pool builders. If you start the build in late winter, then your pool could be ready just in time for spring when the sun comes out and you'll want to jump straight in!

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